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Jodi Says The Course Was "Worth Every Penny" And The "Directions Were PERFECT
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Here's What You'll Learn From The Course...
  •   Learn Advanced Selling Strategies That Will Help You Dial In Your Marketing Strategy
  • ​ Learn How To Implement A Precise Growing Schedule So You Can Get Everything Timed Perfectly Right From The Start (No More Guesswork)
  • ​ Learn Everything You Need To Know About Growing The Most Profitable Microgreen Varieties
  • ​ Learn The Secret To Growing Twice As Much Product In the Same Space Using My 3.5 Day Strategy 
  • ​ Learn How To Run Your System So Efficiently That It Produces More Product In Less Time
  •  Learn How To Setup Your Growroom For Maximum Productivity And Flow
  •   Learn Exactly How To Launch A Recurring Subscription Product So Customers Will Buy From You Automatically Each Week
  • ​ Learn How To Price Your Products So You Earn What You Need To Earn To Run A Healthy Business
  • ​ Steal My Checklist For Approaching Restaurants So You Can Methodically Add New Commercial Clients
  •  Learn How To Grow, Harvest, & Package Everything (Including Which Clamshells, Etc To Buy)
  • ​ Learn How To Add More Value So Your Customers Love You And Buy More
  • ​Learn How To Make Removing Sunflower Hulls (And Other Annoyances) A Thing Of The Past
Plus so much more...
**update 2018:  Now includes 27 crop cheat sheets (& more coming soon)!!!
What All Comes With The Course...
  • Core Training Videos - full tour of my microgreens operation plus 13 videos that show exactly what I do each day of the week for my microgreens business (Several hours of training material)
  •  Crop Cheat Sheets - cheat sheets for 27 crops, with plans to add more!
  • Seeds & Supplies Discount - Right now we have secured 10% off all order from True Leaf Market for course members & we are trying to negotiate more deals for you!
  •  Marketing Flyers - several different flyers you will print out to hand out to customers at your booth including awesome recipe ideas and nutrition information 
  •  Selling To Chefs Checklist - a step-by-step process for approaching new commercial customers so they will buy more often and actually refer more business to you
  •  Fresh Sheet Template - both email and print-out formats. Swap out my logo and pricing for yours and send out to all commercial customers 
  •  Farmer Market Sales Tools - includes farmer's market checklist (everything you need to bring) as well as a farmers market sales record so you know exactly what you've sold plus other important data (weather, waste, sell-out time, etc)
  •  Daily Task Checklist - an extremely valuable tools to save you time and heartache, making the majority of your days a piece of cake.  Comes in two formats for either once weekly or twice weekly harvest schedules.  These documents utilize my 3.5 day strategy so you can grow twice as much in the same space. 
  •  Selling Cheat Sheet - quick reference "things to keep in mind" cheat sheet for selling to commercial and retail customers
  •  Microgreens Mini Recipe Book -  an awesome little recipe book you print, fold, and give out to customers.  Triggers the "law of reciprocity" to increase sales.
  •  Microgreens Subscription Program (CSA) Training - a complete breakdown of my home delivery subscription program which includes welcome email and delivery email templates, ad flyer for farmers market, and neighborhood ad flyer so you can start selling to your customers automatically each and every week 
  •  Mobile Farmer's Market Module - an overview of my "salad cycle" business model including step-by-step build instructions (PDF & Video)
  •  Sales Strategy Video - Getting you motivated and confident to go out there and keep pursuing sales
  •  Value Added Products How-To - Learn how to turn extra product into dehydrated greens powders and salts
  •  Supplies List - A comprehensive listing of all the supplies we use and recommend (includes links to everything available online) 
  •  Ultimate Q & A - in this module I answer tons of other questions that have come to me since first launching the course in fall of 2016 including details on pricing your products and finding additional high-level resources. 
  •  Private Facebook Group - access to a small private mastermind group of only people who have purchased the course.  I'm very active in the group helping to answer all questions, and the rest of members are amazing people and resources as well.
  •  Email Support - ability to write me directly whenever you have a question or something you want to discuss
  •  Lifetime Access - free lifetime access to everything in the course including all future course updates (I'm always adding stuff!!).  Watch videos and download everything whenever you want, there is no rush or time limit. 
  •  30 Day Money-Back Guarantee - I'm so confident of the value of this course that if you don't get amazing results from the information in the course, I will happily give you a refund in the first 30 days 
  • Desktop & Mobile Access - As long as you are connected to the internet, you can watch videos anytime from any device 
Meet Nate
- Founded Hugs Urban Farm and began selling microgreens in 2014.

- Founded microgreensfarmer.com in 2016 to start helping others.

- Also into real estate investing and owner of two handmade craft item businesses. 

- Voracious reader of business books and dedicated family man (amazing wife and two incredible children)

My Story..

I started my farm and began growing and selling microgreens (and other crops) as a way to supplement my income and hopefully transition out of a full-time job that was really wearing on me...

That job was as a Ecological Field Restoration worker, spending my days spraying invasive plants with large amounts of herbicide. After 5 long years of busting my butt, climbing through briars with my clothes soaked in sweat and herbicide and tick bites covering my legs, I'd had enough!

I loved my co-workers, but could no longer stand the brutal hours away from my wife and daughter, and having to wake up at 5am every morning to a blaring alarm clock.

So I launched my farm while continuing that job for one more season, and am proud to say was able to successfully leave that job and start working for myself full-time within one year.


I worked hard to create efficient systems for our Urban Farm that produced healthy profit margins. That involved focusing a great deal of my effort on building a sales process and acquiring customers. 

I quickly jumped into restaurant sales, farmer market sales, and a home-delivered subscription (CSA-like) program.   And I made shifted my model to make microgreens my primary crop focus. 

It was such an incredible experience getting a business off the ground and making sales!!   And a business that I was proud of to boot! 

Shortly after getting Hugs Farm dialed in, I started this website, microgreensfarmer.com, as a way to share my journey, methods, and tools and to inspire others who had the strong desire to build a profitable small scale business selling microgreens like I had. 

I've now had hundreds of people join my Microgreens Business Online Course and they are getting amazing results!

I get emails nearly everyday from people who are taking the leap to build a business they enjoy and are proud of (and that earns a good profit!).  They are literally changing their life by taking action. 

Decision Time

Today, you have to decide if you are going to join them. Will you take action today to change your life?  Or will you stay on the couch and wake up tomorrow in the exact same place you are in right now? 

Don't expect your life to change if you don't take action to make real changes and take on new challenges. 

I believe in you!  And I'm HERE for you!  This course has all the information and tools you need to get make it happen. 

It's time to invest in your dreams!

If you're finally ready to take action to make your dreams come true, here is what you need to do next: 

2. pay your money
3. get instant access to everything in the course and be on your way to making your dreams come true! 

It's that simple!  What are you waiting for...
My first restaurant checks!  Such an amazing feeling...
Bringing chefs out to check out the farm...
More Customer Testimonials...
Customer Testimonial Video
Scott takes you on a full tour of his grow room and explains exactly how the course helped give him more confidence and make more sales.
Sample Video From Course
This is the actual full video from one day of the course and includes a good mix of content including a small mid week harvest & seeding and maintenance for the big Friday crop.
- Hours Of Instructional Videos ($5200 Value)
 - 43 Downloads, Templates, Cheat Sheets, Etc ($1700 Value) 
- Subscription Microgreens Business Plan ($400 Value)
- Members Only Mastermind Group ($500 Value)
- Unlimited Email Support (Priceless)
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Priceless)
- Lifetime Access Including Future Updates ($500 Value)
- Ultimate Q & A ($200 Value)
- Additional Bonuses & Resources ($1000 Value)
TOTAL VALUE:  $9,500+
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